Alfred Shaheen Exhibit at Bishop Museum
Shaheen Postage Stamps   USPS postage stamps depicting Alfred Shaheen shirts.  From left: Surfboards, Bird of Paradise Panel, Kilauea and Ebb Tide.

Photos from The Aloha Shirt by Dale Hope.
Photographed by Ric Noyle.

Shaheen Aloha Shirt Stamps
  Shaheen Postage Stamps
Dale Hope - The Aloha Shirt
         Dale Hope's
    The Aloha Shirt:
Spirit of the Islands
  Published by Patagonia, Dale Hope's book, The Aloha Shirt, is the definitive and beloved book on the rich history of the Hawaiian shirt. The Aloha Shirt has been completely revised, updated, redesigned, and contains new content, wonderful new photographs and an introduction by Gerry Lopez.  Click on The Aloha Shirt above to visit Patagonia's site, read more about, and purchase Dale's book.  


Alfred Shaheen
The Alfred Shaheen Story
Ka 'Ahu No'eau
Lifetime Achievement Award
Hawaii, July 6, 2001
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